New Punjabi menu

Punjabi dishes
Punjabi samosas

It seems only appropriate during National Curry Week that we tell you about our new menu!

There’s a heavy focus on Punjabi regional cuisine and plenty of new and exciting dishes will be on offer. Those that like their traditional Indian meals need not worry – we’re sticking with the old favourites, they aren’t going anywhere, but we’re keen to add more dishes from our own roots.

New dishes will include:

Punjabi samosas – the king of all samosas in our opinion. They’re bigger, spicier and thicker, with crunchier pastry and filled with all sorts of tasty fillings.

Our Balti, Bhuna, Dopiaza and Rogan Josh dishes are getting a Punjabi makeover too. The texture and consistency of the dishes will be different, whilst the tastes and flavours will remain the same but with a little more kick. The main change will be the addition of fresh ingredients used on top of the dishes before it is served. Fresh green chillies, grated ginger and fresh herbs will all feature.

Punjabi dishes
Traditional Punjabi dish

The chefs are working hard to get the balance right and to improve the look of these dishes. We’re first to admit that curry doesn’t always look the best on the plate but we’re confident with some tweaking we can make these dishes look as attractive as possible.

There’s also some new fish and seafood dishes to look forward too including seabass and prawns cooked with Punjabi spices.

If the idea of these Punjabi dishes has whet your appetite, keep your eyes peeled for details of when the menu will launch and how you can get your hands on these new dishes before anyone else – HINT: we’d keep an eye on our Facebook page if we were you…

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